Swimming away

There was something unusual about them, something deeper, the way they fell into each other so naturally like they had been carved from the same part of the earth. There were star systems bursting at their fingertips when they touched. Their hearts sang the same song and the universe had planned for them. She knew that.  He felt familiar when she met him for the first time, when they spoke, or laughed she could tell she had been there before. And when they kissed, oh, when they kissed, she felt the energies of a thousand lifetimes on their lips, like their souls had known each other all along.
Although, her heart was not captured easily, she was disinterested in small talk, disillusioned in love. But when they made that eye contact, that connection, and if he could find his way to her heart. She would fall for him like gravity had let go of the earth.

Perhaps there are no soul mates and love is neither written in the stars or planned by the gods, but a choice, one built on hope and connection. Not served on a silver platter by a whim of fate, but something that must be fought for.


Dripping with soul

Go ahead and feel what you feel, I want you closer to me. Say my name, when your wind pipes whisper my name from the depths of your soul and the soft sound of syllables leave the corners of your mouth I can't get enough. Say my name, wear it out like a sweater that you wrap around your body because I can't get enough when you say my name.

Let it roll off your tongue..

If you had a bad day, just let me touch your cheek, I'll be there waiting. 
Come what may, I'll still stay. Of all that is shifting and shaking my system,
I still know your rhythm.

I count my days in dog years, I slow dance in seconds. I'm tangled in madness, dripping with soul, wishing for diamonds on the soles of my feet.
You still know my rhythm.
When you get frustrated, if your days become too hard and your soul is crashing, I'll be waiting. My darling, I've been here all along.

Take me to that place.


Always lonely for you

Those years went fast, I want to do it again but before I new I had made a decision - or did I?
I always held on to the back of your hand, until I felt home, I just don’t know if I’ll ever feel better for letting go. I guess I'll just never know. I made plans to break it off after Summer. Maybe, I thought, the heart would hurt less in winter.
I always thought it was sad the way we act like stranger after all that we had.. we act like we had never met. We visit a life we both left behind, I ignored the heart, move to the ever-moving.

The way I love you is relentless. It breaks my concentration.


Your silence will not protect you

I'm not sure where you're from, but I wonder if they fly not walk there. Do they breathe water not air? Do they live in rainbows? Do they all hear light and shadows like you do? Some people work hard to achieve wealth, others for accolades and trophies, trophy wives, but you my dear, work the hardest of all, simply to exist. Your soul is taking a study of what it's like to be human. Your words are delicate. Your body, delicate. You even sleep delicately.

But your eyes, your eyes are on fire.

You can blend in if you want to, but one look into your eyes and your cover is blown.

You're not from here. You're experiencing what it would be like to be from here. It's not an easy task you've been given, being human, having a form to live in. I don't think you like it a whole lot, but that's only because you are more soul than flesh. You see the fairy dust in the gutters, the delicate nuances of being alive, the grace of standing still or marking a cup of coffee or just scraping your knee.


All my life I had to grind and Hustle

You don't need more motivation or inspiration to create the life you want. You need less shame around the idea you're not doing it properly. Life, properly.  You need to stop comparing your decisions to people who are in vastly different life circumstances and life stages than you.  Walk it off. You need to let timing do what it needs to do. You need to see lessons where you see barriers. You need to understand that what's right now becomes inspiration later. You need to see that what you do, is not who you are and that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will, I'm not here to impress you.

And when she stood, still and small on the side of the road, birds flew silent through the air above her. Slow motion almost. She watched them ride the invisible southern wind, and wished for a moment. What would she know of this world below, what would she miss? She knew nothing of aimless flight, but she knew what it was to want to fly away.
Peel her down to the bone and you could see, that she was more fire than water. She was more wind than air. She was more light than dark. More like you and less like them. More soul. More pain. More blood. More human. This they will never know. What I am trying to say is, maybe she loved too much and maybe she showed it too little.
Her soul seemed to have sunken into her feet and down to the depths of the earth, far away from her. Traveling to places only her heart wished it could follow, winding down narrow walkways, diving through the oceans shallow waters and nestled in the trees singing above her, leaving it's shell to breath on it's own. She was little pieces of everyone she'd met but she cherished most the parts that were yours.

So empty, for so long. When does it leave, leave the caged wires holding it tight. Is this how the story goes. I see them, but I don't see me, and so it's lost, I am, alone, a fresh water drop in a sea of salt. The rains have their oceans and the sun has its moon and If people were rain, you are drizzle and I am the hurricane. Chaos, all over.
It's that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world. Something in me wants more, I can't rest. Understand me, I am not like an ordinary world.  I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul. My heart is never as full as when I am deep in a place so secret, even my soul can't find me.

She was lonely. But not everyone would do, she didn't know why. Some people filled the gaps and others emphasized the loneliness.