Swimming away

There was something unusual about them, something deeper, the way they fell into each other so naturally like they had been carved from the same part of the earth. There were star systems bursting at their fingertips when they touched. Their hearts sang the same song and the universe had planned for them. She knew that.  He felt familiar when she met him for the first time, when they spoke, or laughed she could tell she had been there before. And when they kissed, oh, when they kissed, she felt the energies of a thousand lifetimes on their lips, like their souls had known each other all along.
Although, her heart was not captured easily, she was disinterested in small talk, disillusioned in love. But when they made that eye contact, that connection, and if he could find his way to her heart. She would fall for him like gravity had let go of the earth.

Perhaps there are no soul mates and love is neither written in the stars or planned by the gods, but a choice, one built on hope and connection. Not served on a silver platter by a whim of fate, but something that must be fought for.

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