Dripping with soul

Go ahead and feel what you feel, I want you closer to me. Say my name, when your wind pipes whisper my name from the depths of your soul and the soft sound of syllables leave the corners of your mouth I can't get enough. Say my name, wear it out like a sweater that you wrap around your body because I can't get enough when you say my name.

Let it roll off your tongue..

If you had a bad day, just let me touch your cheek, I'll be there waiting. 
Come what may, I'll still stay. Of all that is shifting and shaking my system,
I still know your rhythm.

I count my days in dog years, I slow dance in seconds. I'm tangled in madness, dripping with soul, wishing for diamonds on the soles of my feet.
You still know my rhythm.
When you get frustrated, if your days become too hard and your soul is crashing, I'll be waiting. My darling, I've been here all along.

Take me to that place.

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