My Darlin'

Sitting in the cold air, the black stillness all around me, watching the cloud of air from my lungs, blowing effortlessly out of my mouth into the sky. Pressing my feet onto the wet concrete soaking through my socks aching the bones in my feet, just standing there wondering, about you. Trying to make sense of all the things that don't.

Why is the world so unfair and so kind all at the same time? Who are chosen? And why.

We inhabit a universe where atoms are made in the centres of stars; where each second a thousand suns are born; where life is sparked by sunlight and lightning in the airs and waters of youthful planets; where the raw material for biological evolution is sometimes made by the explosion of a star halfway across the Milky Way; where a thing as beautiful as a galaxy is formed a hundred billion times - a Cosmos of quasars and quarks, snowflakes and fireflies, where there may be black holes and other universe and extraterrestrial civilizations whose radio messages are at this moment reaching the Earth. How pallid by comparison are the pretensions of superstition and pseudoscience; how important it is for us to pursue and understand life, that characteristically human endeavour.

I don't want roots growing from my heels. I wan't parachutes growing from the tip of my scalp and flowers coming from my fingers.

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