Running with scissors

I want to be the sky.

There's being adventurous in the sense that you sometimes you let pool water touch your mouth, and then there's being adventurous in the sense that you let the butterflies in your stomach make the decisions in life for you. You pack your bags and you buy a ticket and you go somewhere you can't speak the language.

You try those frogs leg or you eat some guinea pig because even if it tastes horrible, you had a sense of feeling alive. You're happy to communicate with people using only your hands even if you look stupid because you don't give a shit what people think, you're living. You're alive. Be adventurous, let your hair get knotty and you lips crack. Let the smell of a new city air fill your lungs with the luxurious beauty of breathing. You're alive. Turn your alarm clock off and be late, be bad. Live. Life is too short to be mediocre.

Do more than exist. Do more than your job and exceed your world to change your future. You can go wherever you want and be whoever you want to be. The world will never say no to you.

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