Remember my name

There is that split second that happens right when you wake up just before all the burdens of life come flooding back into your mind. That split second, that's where I want to live. I want to pitch a tent there and make a fire, toast marshmallows and dance in the wind. That moment seems like it would be a nice place to spend my life, I think I would like it there. In between that unconscious world of dreams and adventures and those few seconds when the world is the same way it was when you were a child. The world hasn't hardened you yet, you are not cynical or worried, your mind isn't consumed with thoughts of concern or confusion. You see birds flying above you, you see shooting stars, sand sits beneath your toes and the sun beams on your smiling face; The colours are bright and it smells like apple pie all the time, the wind sings the tunes of your favourite songs.

That's what a life would be like in that split second.

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