It's sometimes easy to lose yourself in the mess... But sometimes you have to be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become.

If you are one of those people who believes in signs it's important to pay attention to those that come by..

What will be, will be. What is meant to happen in life will. What isn't won't. And those who want to stay in your life will.

Get advice, read books, tell stories, check warnings, read hints, go on spontaneous adventures, scam the scammers, complain, find road-trip buddies, meet your soul mate, cruise the savanna, take beautiful photos, remember moments, wear the wrong shoes, spare some change, take the plunge, sell stuff, meet the locals, find lost love, eat too much chocolate, buy a gift, trust yourself, smell the roses, take a second, eat the best part first, pay compliments, spend too much money on clothes, giggle, all the time, see the big picture, wear your heart on your sleeve, give back, never forget, always forgive, sleep in, pick your battles, be alone, be yourself.

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