There's an empty well that resides within me knowing that the chapter that I thought would end in the same moment as others is so different to how I ever could have imagined. Life can sometimes be so scary and when the perception of how life would turn out becomes so different to the reality of where the tiny moments have now taken you, that's when you look back and realize how much you have changed.

Are we influenced by others so easily? Does everyone really have a destiny already decided or do we truly make our own futures in the twisted paths to the next chapter?

What would be different? I always wonder. How long can you wander down the wrong path?

It's times like these, the end of an era when you reflect and look back on the years that have shaped you, the people who have changed you and the moments that have led you to this place. Searching back at old photos on the year that once was sparking happy, sad and indifferent memories that have seemingly changed your life now and possibly forever.

The most important part of it all? Have you changed for the better or the worse?

Are you happy with your life?

2013 come at me.

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