Do you think life would be easier or harder without money?

greed [griːd]

1. excessive consumption of or desire for food; gluttony
2. excessive desire, as for wealth or power

Someone once said, Money doesn't buy happiness.  If money doesn't buy happiness, why is it that when you have none you're left feeling worried, anxious, depressed.

I believe it. I believe money can't buy happiness. But, If we human's conform to the man-made guidelines of society, we are subjected to the thoughts and beliefs that money does make the world go 'round. 

The only way money can't buy happiness is if it doesn't allow us to receive the things we need and want in the world. Travel, Education, Gourmet foods, Wine. If money wasn't the primary source to getting the things we need and enjoy to have then money would not be what brings us a certain amount of happiness. 

I believe money can't buy me happiness. But more so, I believe that Knowledge is power. Which, if you think about it is a huge contradiction. How to learn with no money? Getting an education, traveling and learning about different cultures - they all require money. Unfortunately.

So, when you have none - your left feeling like you have a huge empty space in the core of your being because you are trapped. Trapped to be stuck in your wrangled ways of life trying to earn and earn. 

Of course there are things in life that mean more to most people than having money. Getting an education, spending time with family, being kind, traveling, generosity. But, at the end of the day money is an important part of our lives. 

Then, I wonder, are we all greedy? Could we all be happy living with just the things we need than the things we want or enjoy to have?

Forbes richest Billionares 2012:
1. Carlos Slim Helu & family: $69bn fortune (Mexico)
2. Bill Gates: $61bn (United States)
3. Warren Buffett: $44bn (United States)
4. Bernard Arnault: $41bn (France)
5 Amancio Ortega $37.5bn (Spain)

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