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Is everything in life just timing? Is life all just about being in the right place at the right time? What if something is just right, but just not the right time. Will you get the chance later? Or is it gone forever because later maybe you wont want it anymore? How do we know when the time is right? What if you want the timing to be so right, what if you squeeze your eyes shut as hard as you can and pray for the right timing and still it doesn't work?

Does your gut instinct really know what's best? How does your sub-conscious always seem to know a hundred moments before you even thought about the decision? The unknown is always exciting, apparently. What is the answer? Run away and forget all about it? Walk right through it and deal with it, Soak in it, Breath it in and figure it all out?

What moment in life are the ones to be selfish? What are the ones to be selfless? How do you know when you choose which? Should you always be selfless in the hopes that good karma will come around and give you the choice you want but can't make? Or, do you be selfish and choose your happiness and therefore, their happiness too?

How do you begin to turn away from something that feels so good?

Selfless-ness can never be wrong. If you sacrifice your happiness for their chance at happiness without you, surely they will be smart enough.. wise enough to see the big picture. To realize what you have done. To see what you are giving them. How hard it is to give it up and how you are suffering so that they don't get hurt later down the track. Good karma should come around. And so should the right timing.

Life has in store for us bigger and better things that we can't even comprehend. Once you find your match don't let go. Or, if it means getting your match later.. let them go, for now. Even if they don't realize.

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