Don't you dare give up.

When something amazing is in front of you. Are you always aware?

People say, you don't know what you've got until its gone. Is that really the truth? How dissapointing. Surely we can be smart enough, careful enough, wanting enough to know when something special is starring us right in the face. How many times do you have to loose something to realize that you should look more carefully at what you have, to see the things you don't want to loose?

Is there only a certain amount of chances you get before the universe decides "well, they haven't noticed the last 5 amazing things in their lives so we'll just stop now and they can just be content with what they've got."

You never make the same mistake twice. Because, the second time it's a choice.

Or, can you always be unsure. How do you know when you are completely sure that, that's what you want. Crossroads can make you insane I think. Yep. This should be a diagnosed mental problem where people can just never make decisions. Or, they make a decision then immediately regret it. How many times can one change their mind? Is there a limited number before everything just turns to shit? Or can you constantly go through life changing your mind all the time. Wouldn't it get frustrating?

What about the people who get bored easily? Itchy feet? Wandering hearts? Always questioning their decisions. Is it time to just let it be?

Can you truly appreciate something if you haven't ever almost lost it? Is that the secret? Is that what is is all along. You have to loose it, to realize how much you want it? Or, is that just stupidity?

What happens if you want it so bad, dream of it, think of it everyday, believe in it, breathe it. And you don't get it. Does that mean its not meant to be? Or is that Karma for a bad decision you made before?

Or.. Do you just live your life. Let it be. Things will fall into place. Or do we just say these things so we don't get hung up and have life pass us by while our brain works overtime to think of all the things we could have done differently?

So, you've decided you made the wrong decision. It consumes your thoughts. You want it to be different. Do you fix it straight away? Or do you accept their choices and move on. Respect it. Do you think about it everyday till you go insane? Or, do you write about it. Actions speak louder than words. Apparently.

Hindsight is a bitch. Don't look back. Look forward and don't you dare give up. If you want something - go for it, if you believe in it, preach it. At least you know you tried.

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